Community Outreach, Inc.
A Project of All Nations Fellowship SDA
Please help finish these classrooms

The Setting

 Tropical shores of Port Antonio, Jamaica

 Wall Street Journal calls it “Roots of Heaven”

The Need. . .Why?

1) Poor national ecomony forces Ministry

of Education to cut funding for 250 PHS

students. Significant losses to Jamaican

tourism and exports are all part of the impact

of the challenging global economy. As a

result, PHS has a significant loss of revenue,

but is fully committed to educating these

students - to the very end. The need is great.

2) Day to day student essentials sap PHS

resources. Due to severe poverty, PHS must

provide and prepare hot meals for many of its

students. Additionally, the school must help

its students with deodorant, shoes, clothing,

bus fare for those who live too far to walk.

Funds would otherwise be used to complete

South Block classrooms. Donations help here.

2) Subsistence farming and fishing is

about all there is unless we all help PHS

bring economic vitality to the area.

Can You Help PHS Now?

~Yes, with a generous tax deductible donation

to South Block Classrooms

Please mail checks payable to Community Outreach, Inc. and mail to 3700 S. Fairview Ave., Downers Grove, IL  60515.

Each donor will receive handmade craft items made by students at PHS as their way of saying, "Thank You"

~Yes, book your tax deductible trip to PHS

and make a huge difference. . .

Mission Trip Dates: Jun 22 - 29*

  • assist with or support construction
  • provide health screening and education
  • help with business development strategies
  • support the JCDC arts in the name of PHS
  • teach technology skills to community
  • use your expertise to create business opportunities

Travel information:

ñ Preferred destination - Montego Bay, Jamaica

ñ Airtran non-stop from Chicago ~$535.00

ñ Plan to arrive early to mid afternoon

ñ Ground travel is about 4 hrs to Port Antonio

Week’s Group rental 12 seats $95.00/ person

ñ Renting a car on your own? Let us know.

ñ Accommodations -Hotel Tim Bamboo

* Jun 22 - 29 are mission trip dates. Feel free to extend to

your stay. We can help with recommendations.

**PHS has found Hotel Tim Bamboo with discounted mission trip rates for all our traveling participants

Please confirm with us by May 9, 2014 your:

ñ Flight information – arrival and departure times and dates.

ñ Ground transportation Choice – Group or Individual Rental

Contact us at for additional details