Community Outreach, Inc. A Project of All Nations Fellowship SDA Church
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Families and Teens Equipped and Motivated to Live according to Principles of Intentional Excellence - based on Biblical understanding


Bringing Together Resources and Experiences That Teach, Inspire, Empower Families and Teens To Pursue Excellent Performance in all aspects of their lives in order to eliminate poverty in selected communities.
Community Outreach, Inc. is a faith-based 501©3 not-profit organization located in Downers Grove, Illinois that has focused most of its attention on providing a variety of services to the residents of the low-income community of Hinsdale Lake Terrace. Most recently, we have been working with Downers Grove Township, TV19 Chicago, Campus Life and other organizations such as United Way, Positivie Teen Parenting, Hinsdale South High School in order to serve diverse populations of teens and families in DuPage County.

Michael Campbell, MA (Specialty in Neurophysiology)


Profile:   Currently an educational consultant with specialization in K-12 literacy.  Additionally, he has been a Science and Spanish teacher, business owner, software and technology trainer, marketing consultant and has established himself as a visionary in many of his endeavors.  His passion is to inspire people, particularly teens, families and even organizations to think bigger than life and have fun going for what is even ‘beyond’ possible.  He is also co-founder of a research group ‘Masterminds of Excellence’ that specializes in testing theories related to: a) building wholesome relationships, b) the impact of the effective, pragmatic use of core values and personal action statements to yield a fulfilling life and, most recently in development, c) the Rapid Skills Transfer ProtocolTM designed to facilitate faster learning on the part of the student and better instructional methods on the part of the teacher using a unique combination of communication and learning theories.
  • Mentoring in music from highly accomplished musicians in voice, violin and piano among others. The students perform, receive feedback from the mentors and then sin along with or listen to their mentor perform in a Master Class setting to inspire Lyceum quality performance goals in the children. This is done, once or twice per year, based on the schedule of volunteering mentors.
  • We have sponsored trips for children and teens and their parents from Hinsdale Lake Terrace to museums and attractions in the Chicago area: DuSable, MSI, Shedd Aquarium and others.
  • Summer Splash – water games for children from 5-9 at Hinsdale Lake Terrace – organized by Community Outreach Youth leaders.
  • Community Hayride and Richardson’s Corn Maze – food and transportation provided by bus for families at Hinsdale Lake Terrace.


  • Mission Trip to Jamaica - June 22, 2014
  • "Too Good for Drugs" - Poetry Slam -- March 8, 2014
  • Health Screening and Education – depression, blood pressure, nutrition, diabetes, weight control, types of exercise, etc.
  • Wild Choices, Awesome Life -- This program is primarily designed for 8th -11th graders residing in the
    Hinsdale Lake Terrace, Hinsdale Pointe and Waterfall Glen to empower them and their families with practical knowledge and strategies that prepare them with college and career-readiness skills and reinforce positive habits and mental attitudes by incorporating training in science, technology, self-talk analysis and the Bible. (beginning fall 2012)  Runs for at least 13 weeks each year.
  • Christian Music Initiative – Music Mentorship  - held mostly in the fall of each year
  • Feeding the homeless - partnering with DuPage PADS to provide and prepare meals for the homeless at shelters in the area.
  • Assisting the poor with emergency funding for utilities, food and transportation.  Those in need must register with us and complete an application form that a committee will review and check references before determining how much and when assistance can be given.